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Connection API for Shopify and Gatsby JS

Introduction of Connection API for Gatsby Storefront

Headless commerce provides excellent flexibility in the question of what tools you may use for your e-Commerce website.

You may use Shopify for product management and checkouts, Contentful for page content, Airtable or Google Sheets for sizeable structured data sets, Yotpo for reviews management, and much more.

With those endless possibilities come various APIs, plugins, and data formats that different services provide to access your data.

Often, it is not enough to receive the necessary data from the service. Together with our clients, we learned that data from different services must be prepared, unified, and properly connected.

To solve this problem, we created a Connection API for Gatsby Storefront.

How does Connection API work?

We created Connection API to work on top of Shopify’s Storefront API. It fetches your e-commerce data from different sources like Shopify, Contentful, or Yotpo. It pre-processes and unifies the data and adds convenient connections in a single GraphQL API endpoint.

Connection API

With Connection API, you may, for example, receive your product reviews from Yotpo, combine them with the reviews that you store in Contentful. Consolidate them in one format and create a connection to access reviews together with product information. When do you need a Connection API? If you need to prepare your data, combine it with different sources, and place it in the right place in the GraphQL. For these cases, Connection API provides an additional comfort-level to work with external data sources.

How is it different from using GatsbyJS source plugins?

GatsbyJS provides some great source plugins for multiple data sources. From our experience, using the plugin is convenient when you don’t have to make tight connections between different data sources. When you want to mix data in a GraphQL tree to have convenient access - choose a Connection API.

How to access Connection API?

Connection API is a part of our Gatsby Storefront PRO package. Please contact us for more information and a demo.